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Rainbow Loom Hibiscus Flower Bracelet DIY Tutorial

Make this Rainbow Loom Hibiscus Flower Bracelet with your kids (and all) and show-off to your friends around, wish you enjoy the time alone or with kids. Parenting means a lot of teaching, directing and entertaining your kids. Agree it or not, but we are looking for ways to bring fun for kids. We have some collections to keep kids active to spend the never-ending energy, the list of Ways To Keep Your Kids Busy is a highlight I recommend. There are many craft projects for kids, the collection of Hand & Footprint Art DIY Ideas and Projects is great for kids, gifts and even home decorations.  Here is a demonstration video to create the Hibiscus Bracelet on the Rainbow Loom. This is an Advanced Level pattern. Use the complete and detailed instructions you can find in the video above and let yourself be a child for a short time. The investment is small and the possibilities of creations are basically endless. Having fun there.

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Rainbow Loom Hibiscus Flower Bracelet DIY Tutorial

Learn how via the link here:

Hibiscus Bracelet by Rainbow Loom

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